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Tutor Reports

Tutor Reports

by Brian Roders

tutor Brian and studentWhen first asked the question of “Why do you tutor?” I immediately thought “Oh, I’ve asked myself the same question on various occasions.”

On Monday and Tuesdays I voluntarily tutor students in pre-GED reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition to the eight students who I help with their GED-sharpening skills, I also tutor a high school senior. Three of my students have specific learning challenges such as autism and dyslexia which I derive the greatest joy from teaching and working with. When working with any student that I know will be a success the “Aha!” moment has been and is a hallmark sign of their understanding and comprehension.

The “Aha!” moment occurs when a student of mine finally grasps a challenging concept and we both know that they have laid to rest any uncertainty that they will master the subject material. When giving a lesson on how to multiply fractions, knowing that only weeks earlier they were timid about the idea of fractions in general, to witness their eyes light up when they learn that all that they must do is multiply numerator by numerator and denominator by denominator- they’re essentially jumping for joy.

I tutor because it brings me so very much happiness to observe someone who thought they were educationally unfit learn all mathematical, reading, and writing skills they need to have in order to pass their GED. It just feels good to know you are helping someone better their life.


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