We offer a number of other classes and programs in the Ocala, Marion County area throughout the year including workshops/classes in citizenship, computer literacy, financial and health literacy and college and career coaching.

Our programs include:

Adult Basic Education Classes in Ocala, Marion County (ABE)

The ABE program helps adults learn to read. We provide tutors who work one-on-one with the student. The student/tutor pair meets at a predetermined public location and work at the students pace. Our tutors make sure all learning levels are accommodated and work toward the students personal goals. These may include learning to read, obtain a driver’s license, registering to vote or filling out a job application.

General Education Development Course in Ocala, Marion County (GED)

The GED program prepares students for the General Equivalency Exam. Students are paired with a tutor who works with them at their pace in a predetermined public location that is convenient to both the student and the tutor. Students are evaluated upon registration and progress is checked periodically. Upon completion of curriculum, students are evaluated again to ensure success.

English Classes for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

MCLC offers English classes in Ocala and Marion County to speakers of other languages (ESOL). We serve students from over 20 countries who range in ability from basic literacy to advanced grammar and pronunciation.

To sign up, please contact Yamila by phone at (352) 690-7323 ext. 202 or through email at: